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Chronic pain is a disease, a syndrome and not just a symptom. The concept of a pain clinic is based on the conviction to effectively manage difficult pain conditions through well- coordinated efforts of a specialist possessing knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat pain.

Interventional pain procedures scores over both medicine and surgery, as they do not have side effects like medicines. The interventional pain procedures produce:

  • Immediate pain relief
  • Performed with ease by pain physicians without anaesthesia
  • Is an outpatient or day care procedure
  • Adequate duration of pain relief can be obtained
  • Is suitable for surgically unfit & debilitated patients
  • The procedure can be repeated safely if required.

Although tremendous scientific & technological advances have been made, despite that the knowledge & techniques are highly underutilized. In the absence of proper education among health care professionals and lack of awareness in the public mind in India, there is a misuse of painkillers resulting in high incidence of complications like gastritis, kidney failure, and bone marrow depression.

Several people are not aware of interventional pain management techniques, which can be helpful for many patients suffering from intractable chronic pain. Pain treatment is tailor- made & no single treatment fits all. It is a silent epidemic, don't let this happen to someone you love. Untreated pain destroys people's lives. I have had patients come in who couldn't work or sleep or play with their children. Good pain management gave them their life back.

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