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    Welcome to Narayan Memorial Hospital, where your child’s health and well-being are our top priorities. Our team of dedicated Pediatricians and Child Specialists in Kolkata is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for your little ones. At Narayan Memorial, we understand the unique healthcare needs of children and strive to ensure their optimal growth and development.

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      Conditions Treated

      Our experienced Pediatricians in Kolkata are equipped to diagnose and treat various childhood conditions, including:

      Common Childhood Illnesses

      Narayan Memorial specializes in the management of common childhood illnesses such as colds, fevers, and infections to ensure a healthy start for your child.

      Vaccinations and Preventive Care

      Our Child Specialists focus on vaccinations and preventive care, safeguarding your child against serious illnesses and promoting overall health.

      Growth and Developmental Concerns​

      From infancy to adolescence, our Pediatricians monitor your child’s growth and development, addressing concerns and providing guidance for optimal milestones.

      Pediatric Allergies and Respiratory Issues

      Narayan Memorial’s Pediatric team manages allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions, ensuring your child’s respiratory health.


      Narayan Memorial Hospital’s Pediatric Department offers a range of advanced treatments and services for children:

      Immunizations and Vaccinations

      Our Pediatricians administer vaccinations according to recommended schedules, protecting your child from preventable diseases.

      Developmental Assessments

      Narayan Memorial excels in developmental assessments, identifying potential delays and providing early interventions for optimal growth.

      Pediatric Consultations

      Our Child Specialists offer consultations for a wide range of pediatric concerns, providing personalized care plans for your child’s specific health needs.

      Child Wellness Programs

      We emphasize child wellness through educational programs, nutritional guidance, and parental support, fostering a holistic approach to your child’s health.

      At Narayan Memorial Hospital, we recognize the importance of specialized and nurturing care for your child’s health. Our Pediatricians and Child Specialists in Kolkata are dedicated to providing expert and compassionate solutions for a variety of childhood conditions. Visit us to experience the difference that advanced pediatric care can make in your child’s health and well-being. Narayan Memorial Hospital is your trusted partner in the journey to a healthy and happy childhood, where expertise and empathy converge for optimal patient outcomes.

      Important Phone No

      24 x 7 Admission: 6292195056

      24 x 7 Helpline: 033 6400 0000

      Health Check Up: 6292195051

      Manager on Duty: 6292195057

      Corporate Desk: 7604027684


      Visiting Hours

      WARD :
      Morning: 11 AM to 12 AM
      Evening: 5 P.M. to 6 P.M.

      Two visitors (with visiting cards) are allowed one by one.
      Children are allowed only on Sunday Evening.

      ICU : One visitor (preferably family member) may be allowed between 4 P.M – 5 P.M.